Grammar of Ornament Celtic No. 1


Owen Jones.  “Celtic No. 1.”  From The Grammar of Ornament.  London: Day and Son, 1856.  18 x 12.  Chromolithograph by F. Bedford.  Very good condition.

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A striking print from a series of 100 folio chromolithographic plates by Owen Jones.  These illustrate the many different styles of decoration used from ancient times to the mid-nineteenth century by civilizations from all parts of the world.  Ancient civilizations of Egypt, Greece, Rome, Celts, Maya, Persia, India and other Asian cultures are represented, as well as medieval, Renaissance and later styles used in European countries.  Drawing from the collection now known as the Victoria and Albert Museum, Jones distilled widely varying forms into their essential visual vocabulary, arranging design components in a new, accessible manner.

The prints were assembled by Jones in a design encyclopedia for the curious and the creative, these intricate and beautifully colored motifs  represent worldwide inspirations and heritage of styles from architecture, and the decorative arts.   Wonderfully colorful and appealing images from the early days of chromolithography.