Grant’s Arizona 1886


“Rail Road & Township Map of Arizona.”  From Grant’s Rail Road & Business Atlas.  New York: Alexander A. Grant, 1886.   Cerograph by George F. Cram.  Printed outline color.  19 3/4 x 15 1/2.  Very good condition.

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An interesting and detailed map of the state from A.A. Grant’s atlas of 1886, designed to be useful for businesses, especially with reference to railroads.  The 1870s and 80s was a time of intense railroad building in the country and around the world, so there was a demand for handy maps showing what lines existed.  George F. Cram, of Chicago, began his business publishing railroad maps, then produced his Standard American Atlas in 1875 and 1879 focusing on railroad information.  In the early 1880s he reissued a number of his railroad maps and these were in turn purchased by Grant for his atlas in 1886.   The maps in Grant’s atlas are clear and provide useful information of all sorts.  Railroads are detailed across the state, and towns, river, counties and much else is shown.  The topographical depiction of the state is graphically depicted.