Greeley’s Report in Rocky Mountain News


Rocky Mountain News. Extra.—Greeley’s Report. [Cherry Creek, June 11, 1859], Boulder: Johnson Publishing Co., 1959. Facsimile sheet, 16 x 10 1/2. In covers and with notes by Mumey.

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A facsimile editions of an 1859 Rocky Mountain News produced by Nolie Mumey. Dr. Mumey was a Denver surgeon who authored and produced a substantial series of publications on the history of Denver and the West. He produced a series of facsimiles of the guide books and other material issued at the beginning of the Pike’s Peak gold rush, such as this famous “Greeley Report” in the Rocky Mountain News. After the initial reports of gold found in “Pikes Peak” in 1858, a mass of hopefuls flooded into the region the following year. Initially, little gold was found and many felt deceived, returning back east crying “humbug.” Then on May 6, 1859, John H. Gregory discovered a large gold vein in Black Hawk; that was when the gold fields really began to produce riches. Three newspaper men from the east, Horace Greely, of the New York Tribune, Henry Villard, of the Cincinnati Commercial, and A.D. Richardson, of the Boston Journal, who had come to inspect the Pikes Peak gold fields, visited “Gregory’s Diggings,” and decided the gold discovery was the real thing. Their report on this was published in the Rocky Mountain News and then copied in other papers around the country. This went a long way towards overcoming the naysayers and promoting the continuation of the Pikes Peak Gold Rush.