Fricx Asia 1730


After Guillaume Delisle. “L’Asie.” Brussels: Eugene Henri Fricx, 1730. 17 5/8 x 22 3/4. Engraving by Jean Harrewijn. Full original color. Full margins. Very good condition.

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A very attractive and unusual version of Delisle’s map of Asia, published by E.H. Fricx or Friex. Fricx, a bookseller and printer, took his geographic wp-content directly from Delisle, to whom he gives credit in the title cartouche. Fricx’s map does differ from Delisle’s both in the coloring, here with bold color similar to that of the German style, and in the newly designed cartouches, including a cartouche designed as an oriental rug, hanging from the upper right neat line, which contains the publishing information.