Hayden Southern Central Colorado geological 1877


F.V. Hayden. “Southern Central Colorado.” [Geological] Plate XVI. From Geological and Geographical Atlas of Colorado and portions of Adjacent Territory. Washington, 1877. Lithograph by J. Bien. Ca. 24 x 36. Very good condition.

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F.V. Hayden was commissioned by the U.S. Government to map large parts of the American West. He and his team surveyed Colorado between 1873 and 1876, mapping all of the territory–including its immense mountainous regions–for the first time with accuracy and unparalleled detail. This resulted in his landmark¬†Geological and Geographical Atlas first issued in 1877. This included a few general maps, a series of regional maps showing impressive detail of topography, drainage, railroads, roads and mineral resources, and some charts showing the geological strata of the state.¬† The Hayden maps are among the most important depictions of Colorado in the nineteenth century.