Michigan Atlas 1873 Branch backed with St. Joseph.


“Branch backed with St. Joseph. ” Maps from Henry F. Walling’s Atlas of the state of Michigan. Detroit: R.M. & S.T. Tachabury, 1873. Ca. 10 1/2 x 15. Lithographs. Original hand color. Occassional light spotting or stains, mostly in margins. A few with manuscript writing in margins. Overall, very good condition.

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A series of colorful and informative maps of the counties of Michigan. It was in the 1870s that state atlases, comprised of detailed county maps, first began to appear. These were in response to the economic and social demands for those wanting to enact business dealings or travel in the states. One of the most important atlas producer of this period was H.F. Walling, who issued this, the first atlas of the state of Michigan. The boundaries of each county, and the townships within, are nicely set off with contrasting pastel shades applied with hand watercolor. These maps have excellent detail, precisely and neatly delineated. Topographic information such as towns, rivers, railroads and mountains are all depicted with great care. Aesthetically attractive and historically important, these are fine nineteenth century maps of Michigan.

Note: Each sheet has maps on both sides. Each sheet is listed multiple times so that each county depicted can be listed alphabetically.