Horner’s Gold Regions of Kansas and Nebraska


W.B. Horner, The Gold Regions of Kansas and Nebraska. Being a Complete History of the First Year’s Mining Operations… [Chicago: W.H. Tobey & Co., 1859], Denver, 1949. 8tvo. 67 pages plus advertisements. Two folding maps: “W.B. Borner’s Railway & Route Map to the Gold Regions in Nebraska and Kansas,” and “Great Northern Route to the Gold Regions via the Chicago & Rock Island Railroad Line, and the Platte Valley Route.” Paper cover. Facsimile in original paper box and with notes by Nolie Mumey.

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One of a series of facsimile editions of various 1859 Pike’s Peak guidebooks produced by Nolie Mumey. Dr. Mumey was a Denver surgeon who authored and produced a substantial series of publications on the history of Denver and the West. He produced a series of 18 facsimiles of the guide books issued at the beginning of the Pike’s Peak gold rush, as well as of the famous “Greeley Report” in the Rocky Mountain News. As the original guides are extremely rare, these are wonderful works of information from these primary sources on the gold rush, often complete with their folding maps. In a number of the volumes of the series, Mumey indicates that 400 copies of each were produced. Horner was a Chicago businessman who opened a “Gold Mine Emigration Office” in Chicago to provide “The Cheapest Way to the Mines.” His guide includes two folding maps.