U.S. Navy 1870 Chart of the East Coast of North America


“East Coast of North America. Sheet V.” Washington: Hydrographic Department, Navy Department, 1870. Separately issued U.S. Navy chart; backed on linen and rolled. 47 x 31. Lithograph. Hand highlights for lighthouses and beacons. Considerable surface wear and manuscript navigational markings. Some crumpling and short tear in the top left. Otherwise, very good condition.

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A U.S. Navy chart of the southeast coast of the U.S. from Cape Hatteras to Cape Canaveral.  The U.S. Navy became involved in making sea charts as early as 1819, with Cheever Felch’s survey of Cape Ann harbor.  Most of the early charts were commissioned for locations where the navy was planning naval stations or depots.  Most of the early printed charts were published privately rather than by the Navy.  In 1830, an official Navy Depot of Charts and Instruments was established to purchase, store and produce charts for the Navy.  This depot was led by such capable figures as Louis M. Goldsborough, Charles Wilkes, and Matthew Fontaine Maury.  Naval surveyors worked independently but also in conjunction with the U.S. Coastal Survey.  It was intended to be used by naval captains and so contained all information that would be useful for navigation.  Soundings and other navigational details are precisely depicted on the map.  The coast is impressively delineated.