Blaeu Russia 1642


Isaac Massa. “Russiae volgo Moscovia dictae. Partes Septentrionalis et Orientalis. Auctore Isaaco Massa.” Amsterdam: Joan Blaeu, 1642-43. 16 1/2 x 21 1/4. Engraving. A few colored hightlights. Very good condition. Dutch on verso.

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An original antique map of Moscovy by Joan Blaeu’s.  Showing northwestern Russia rom the White Sea to the Ob River.  Considerable trade in Russia in the period came down the Dvina River from Archangel on the White Sea and this map shows all the small towns along that river. Other towns, rivers, lakes and other topography is indicated. Small vignettes of bears and elk populate the lands and two Russian inhabitants and fauna add decorative appeal to the cartouche for the scales of miles in the lower right. The title cartouche in the upper left, with pelts shown hanging from it, is flanked by a small cartouche with the imperial two-headed eagle. A nice map of the period.