J. Aspin Africa 1820


J. Aspin. “Africa.” From C. V. Lavoisne’s A Complete Genealogical, Historical & Chronological Atlas. Philadelphia: M. Carey & Son, 1820. Map, 11 x 11 1/2; full sheet with text, 16 5/7 x 20 3/8. Engraving by Young & Delleker. Full original color. Very good condition.

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An antique map of Africa issued is illustrate Lavoisne’s Historical Atlas in 1820. The maps in this atlas were issued on sheets containing text around the maps giving the situation and history of the areas depicted. The map of Africa shows the political situation of the continent near the beginning of the nineteenth century, as known at the time. There is considerable up-to-date information, but also the errors believed at the time.  Most noticeably, both the Mountains of the Moon and the Mountains of Kong are shown, though neither range exists.  The text surrounding presents the history, physical description and political state of the continent.