Colton Central America 1855


J.H. Colton. “Central America.” New York: J.H. Colton & Co., 1855. 12 x 15. Lithograph. Original hand color. Small chips in extreme margins. Else, very good condition.

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A lovely map of Central America, from Panama to the Yucatan, issued around mid-century by the Colton cartographic firm of New York. At the time this map was produced, the British were the dominating external force in the region. However, with the Gold Rush in 1849 came American interest in trade routes through the area.. An American by the name of William Walker, gained control of Nicaragua. His power was over extended resulting in political and military cooperation between the remaining Central American countries. Walker was ousted in less than five years. Five insets are also included: Aspinwall City, Panama City, the “Nicaragua Route,” Harbor of San Juan de Nicaragua, and the Isthmus of Panama.