J.J. Jung “Camellia Gioja”


J.J. Jung “Camellia Gioja” From N. Remond’s Iconographie Du Genre Camellia ou collection des Camellias les plus beaux et les plus rares peints d’après nature dans les serres de Mr. l’Abbé Berlese par J.J. Jung. Paris, 1839-43. Stipple and line engraving by Oudet. Partially printed in color, à la poupée, and finished by hand. Small folio, ca. 9 x 11 1/2. Full margins. Excellent condition.

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These engravings, predominantly stipple in the manner of Pierre Joseph Redouté, were partially printed in color, à la poupée, then finished by hand. À la poupée refers to the method by which the plate was inked in different colors: a stick with a small moistened pad attached to one end, la poupée, was used to dab different inks precisely onto the engraved plate. Stipple prints have a subtle texture and a fine detail which are perfect for rendering botanical subjects.

A finely executed series of prints of camellias by J.J. Jung, drawn by Jung from the camellias in the greenhouse of the Abbé Berlese and published between 1839 and 1843. These superb examples of nineteenth century botanical art are among the most beautiful images of their era.