J.K. Dixon Vanishing into the Mists


Joseph K. Dixon. “Vanishing into the Mists.” From The Vanishing Race. The Last Great Indian Council. 1914. Sepia-toned photogravure. 4 1/4 x 7. Very good condition.

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A beautifully rendered, sepia-toned photogravure from “the last great Indian Council,” which took place at the Crow Agency in Montana in 1909. This print was part of a work sponsored by Rodman Wanamaker, heir to the Philadelphia department store fortune. Wanamaker funded several expeditions to document and record aspects of Native American culture which he felt was inevitably being destroyed. The images were taken at the meeting of fifty chiefs and tribes and the photographs were made by Baptist preacher, lecturer and photographer Joseph Kossuth Dixon. The images show individuals, camp tableaus, and recreated scenes of Indian life and warfare. The quality of the photograph is finely rendered by the process of photogravure.