Linden & Cogniaux “Catasetum Barbatum var. Spinosum”


J. Linden, L. Linden and A Cogniaux “298 Catasetum Barbatum var. Spinosum” From Lindenia Iconography of Orchids. Brussels: Lucien Linden, 1880’s and 90’s. 10 1/4 x 13 1/2. Chromolithographed prints of orchids by various artists, including De Pannemaeker, A. Goossens and J. Goffart.

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A set of beautiful orchid prints published by the important Brussels horticultural firm, Messieurs Linden. These prints were issued in fascicles that came out monthly, and could also be purchased as half-yearly volumes. Numbering 800 or so in total, they became a very complete resource for the orchid fancier, as well as an important and highly decorative group of botanical prints.