John Henry Elwes “N. Thomsonianum”


John Henry Elwes “N. Thomsonianum” by W.H. Fitch and Lilian Snelling from Henry John Elwes’ A Monograph of the Genus Lilium, 1877-1880 [with] Supplement 1933-40. London. Large folio. Lithograph. Original hand color. Excellent condition.

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Henry John Elwes (1846-1922) was a collector, world traveler, and horticulturist. He became particularly interested in lilies on a visit to the Himalayas, and became one of the leading experts on the genus. Beginning in 1877 he wrote a monograph on all the lilies then known, which he had illustrated by Walter Hood Fitch. This series was continued after his death in a seven part supplement by A. Grove and A.D. Cotton, issued between 1933 and 1940. This supplement described new species of lilies not documented in the original monograph, and it included illustrations by Lilian Snelling. All seventy-eight of the hand-colored lithographs are noted for their superb quality and striking beauty. The work includes, prints drawn and lithographed by W.H. Fitch. Forty-eight hand-colored lithographs. 1877-1880.