John Reid “Plan of Lystra, in Nelson-County; Kentucky.” 1796


John Reid “Plan of Lystra, in Nelson-County; Kentucky.” Map of never-built Kentucky towns by John Reid. From William Winterbotham’s View of the United States. New York, 1796. Engravings by Benjamin Tanner. 7 x 5. Very good condition.

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A pair of interesting maps of towns that was never built in the present-day state of Kentucky. Lystra–to be located in Nelson (later Grayson) County, on a branch of the Rolling Fork of Salt River–and Franklinville–to be located in Mason County beside the North Fork of the Kentucky River–were formed on paper in 1794 by a group of London speculators. The towns were to be built on plans drafted by a London engineer. These reflected the aspirations of the time in the classical precision and regularity of their plans. Each town had squares developed about a central park and there were to be a college, a church, a theater, and a town hall. Ref.: Clark, Historic Maps of Kentucky, p. 64.