John Russell North America 1794


John Russell. “A General Map of North America Drawn from the best Surveys. By J. Russell. 1794” From William Winterbotham’s View of the United States. London: H.D. Symonds, 1794. 14 1/4 x 18 3/8. Engraving. Very good condition.

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An antique 1794 British map of North America.  This interesting map of the continent of North America was by London mapmaker John Russell. Detail is quite impressive with rivers, lakes, and settlements clearly depicted throughout. As little was known of the northwestern part of the continent, Russell left the area essentially blank. He does show a ridge of the “Stony Mountains,” and a large lake is shown in the general region of the Great Salt Lake. This is unlikely to reflect knowledge of that lake, but rather is probably based on speculation only. The west coast, however, contains many names based on the knowledge of mariners to that region. Overall, a most interesting picture of the continent near the turn of the century.