Johnson’s Great Plains 1862-63


“Johnson’s Nebraska, Dakota, Colorado, & Kansas.”  New York: Johnson & Ward, 1862-63.  12 1/2 x 15 3/8.  Lithograph.  Original hand coloring.  Page 55.  Very good condition.

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An original antique map of northern plain states (present-day Kansas, Nebraska, Colorado, the Dakotas, Wyoming and Montana).  This map shows a very early configuration of this region, for in 1861 Kansas and Nebraska had been reorganized into their present configurations, but here Nebraska extends almost as far as Salt Lake City.  The entire northern half of this region is shown as part of the Dakota Territory, just one year before the Idaho Territory was broken off.  The detail in this map is most impressive, showing rivers, towns, forts, Indian tribes, and the early trails which criss-crossed this region.  This map, issued early in the Civil War, shows these territories just before they were filled with new settlers, miners and other speculators.  This is a wonderful map of an important period in the history of this region.