Johnson’s Kentucky and Tennessee 1864-65


“Johnson’s “Kentucky and Tennessee.” New York: Johnson & Ward, 1864-65. 17 1/2 x 24 1/4. Lithograph. Full original hand-color. Very good condition. Two vignettes. Strap work border.

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An original antique map from A.J. Johnson’s atlas issued during the height of the Civil War. Johnson, who published out of New York City, was one of the leading cartographic publishers in the latter half of the century, producing popular atlases, geographies and so on. This finely detailed map is an good example of Johnson’s work. Townships, towns, roads, rail lines, rivers and lakes are shown throughout. Of particular note is the extensive road and rail network in the states that would be come so important in the forthcoming conflict. The clear presentation of cartographic information and the warm hand coloring make this an attractive as well as interesting historical document.