Johnson’s Minnesota and Dakota 1860


“Johnson’s Minnesota and Dakota.” New York: Johnson & Browning, 1869. 12 1/2 x 16 1/2. Lithograph. Original hand color. Very good condition.

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A graphic illustration of the border between the nascent development of the mid-west and the wilds of the western United States.  This map shows Minnesota within just two years of statehood, and the eastern portion of what would become the Dakota Territory.  Minnesota is shown broken into counties, and the southeast into survey quadrants.  Towns, roads, and other signs of progressing settlement are indicated.  To the west, the part of Dakota illustrated is devoid of counties and railroads, and only five towns large enough to be indicated.  Little information was available of the far northwest, with the Missouri, a few creeks and two forts the only details shown besides the proposed route of the Northern Pacific Railroad.  A printed text at the top says, “The vast region of Prairies from Red River of the North and Mini Wakan I. to about the Gr. Bend of the Missouri R. is the great Hunting and Fighting Ground of Kdakotah, Odjibwe, Assiniboin, Arikara, Minitarree and other Nations.”  A very interesting map.