Johnson’s New York and Brooklyn 1866


“Johnson’s New York and Brooklyn.”  New York: A. J. Johnson, 1866.  23 x 16 1/2.  Lithograph.  Original hand-color.  Some light spotting in margins.  Very good condition.

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A nicely colored, attractive map of Manhattan and Brooklyn, with an inset map of New York north of Central Park, from Johnson’s mid-nineteenth century atlas of the world.  Johnson, who published out of New York City, was one of the leading cartographic publishers in the latter half of the century, producing popular atlases and geographies.  This map shows fine detail of what is now the two boroughs, with streets, ferry lines, and major parks and squares clearly marked.  The contrast between the intricate network of streets making up lower Manhattan and the grid pattern of later developed areas is graphically illustrated.  This map is an excellent example of Johnson’s, and thus early American, cartography.