Johnson’s New Map of Texas 1866


“Johnson’s Texas.”  New York: A. J. Johnson, 1866.  17 x 23.  Lithograph.  Full original hand color.  Some light spotting in margins.  Very good condition.

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A large, detailed map of Texas, with insets of Galveston Bay, and Northern Texas from A. J. Johnson’s mid-nineteenth century atlas of the world.  With its large size the map shows excellent information, including towns, rivers, roads, railroads, water holes and other interesting historic details.  The eastern half of Texas is shown broken into many counties, each named and colored in a contrasting shade.  The western part of the state consists of but four large counties.  Johnson, who published out of New York City, was one of the leading cartographic publishers in the latter half of the century, producing popular atlases, geographies and so on.  This map is a nice example of Johnson’s, and thus early American, cartography.