Johnson’s Washington and Oregon 1861-62


“Johnson’s Washington and Oregon.”  From Johnson’s New Family Atlas.  New York: Johnson & Ward, 1861-62. 12 1/2 x 16. Lithograph. Original hand coloring. Very good condition.

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An early version of Johnson’s map of the northwest corner of the United States. This map shows a very early configuration of this region, which was originally all the Oregon Territory. In 1853, the northern part was created as the Washington Territory and then in 1859, the Oregon Territory was again reduced to half its size, but in the process became a state. What had been the eastern part of Oregon Territory was attached to Washington, giving it an unusual shape which it retained un 1862, when the eastern part was broken off to become part of Idaho Territory. In this map, most of the development is shown in the west, though information in what would the next year become Idaho includes rivers, topography, and forts and cantonments.