Scott North Carolina 1795


Joseph T. Scott. “North Carolina.” From United States Gazetteer. Philadelphia: J. Scott, 1795. First state. Engraving by J. Scott. 6 1/8 x 7 1/4. Very good condition. Wheat & Brun: 583.

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This is one of the earliest American maps of North Carolina, from the first American gazetteer. Joseph T. Scott, a Philadelphia engraver and publisher, issued his gazetteer during the early days of American cartography, and the maps of the individual states and territories are very good. Scott included much detail of rivers, counties, roads, and towns. This map of North Carolina shows that this state was well settled in the late eighteenth century, even as far west as Salisbury and Charlotte. As an early example of American cartography and a fascinating document of North Carolina history, this is a gem.