Lawrence Norris Scammon, “Golden Gate, San Francisco.”


Lawrence Norris Scammon “Golden Gate, San Francisco” California Society of Etchers, 1927. 9 x 13 1/2. Etching. Signed with pencil and in plate.  With original cover.

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A lovely etching of the Golden Gate in 1927 by Lawrence Norris Scammon.  Scammon was a designer, printmaker and teacher, born in San Francisco, California in 1870.  Scammon was a member of the San Francisco Art Association and he exhibited with the California Society of Etchers as early at 1918.  The California Society of Etchers is the oldest continuously operating association of printmakers and friends of printmakers in the United States, beginning in 1914.  This is a fine example of the prints issued by this society.