Lotter North and Central America


Tobias Conrad Lotter.  “Mappa Geographica Regionem Meicanam et Floridam.”   Augsburg: T.C. Lotter, ca. 1750.  18 3/4 x 22 1/2.  Engraving.  Original hand color.  Minor wear at top centerfold, expertly conserved.  Overall, very good condition.  Excellent impression.


A decorative German map showing most of North America, south of the Great Lakes, along with Central America and the West Indies.  The map was produced by Tobias Conrad Lotter, one of the leading German cartographers of the mid-eighteenth century.  His maps are noted for their bold and colorful appearance, and this map is no exception.  This map was based on an important 1703 map by Guillaume Delisle.  The map shows the interior of North America and Mexico after early explorations by the Spanish and French, before the area was settled.  The Mississippi River and many of its branches are show, and the Rio Grande is depicted arising in the mountains of New Mexico, with Santa Fe, Taos and other early settlements there shown.

The map shows the region when it was an area of conflict between France, Spain and Great Britain.  The British colonies are shown colored in green, limited to the area east of the Appalachians.  They are bordered on the west by Canada and “Florida,” which at the time was actually French territory.  The Spanish are shown in possession of Mexico, New Mexico and Central America.  As this was the location of serious conflict between the European powers, Lotter adds a wonderful vignette of a sea battle in the lower left.  Also added are maps of the important trading posts of Darien, Havana, Cartagena and Vera Cruz.