Map of Minnesota 1869


Alfred J. Hill. “Sectional Map of the Surveyed Portion of Minnesota and the North Western Part of Wisconsin.”  Copyright, 1857. Printed by J. S. Sewall: St. Paul.  32 3/4 x 24 7/8.  Engraving by C.A. Swett, Boston.  Full narrow margins.  With wear, small holes, and some separation at folds.  Some slight discoloration.  Overall, good condition.  With original covers.

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A rare, separately issued map of Minnesota.  The map, showing the entire state of Minnesota and part of northwestern Wisconsin.  It was originally issued just before statehood, making it one of the first maps of the whole state.  Topographical information is excellent, with the extensive network of lakes and rivers well mapped.  The state is shown completely surveyed in the southeast, while the northern parts are virtually unsettled and unsurveyed.  An excellent item.