Map of Menominee iron region


T.C. Chamberlin.  Map of Menominee iron region.  Plate XXVIII.   From Atlas Accompanying Volume III.  Geological Survey of Wisconsin.  Milwaukee: The Milwaukee Litho. & Eng. Co., 1879.  Sheets 30 x 24.  Chromolithograph.  Ragged and missing lower left corner.

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A large, atlas plate from the important Wisconsin geological survey begun in 1876, led by chief geological Thomas Chrowder Chamberlin.  Chamberlin was born in 1843 in southeastern Illinois, but his family soon moved to southern Wisconsin.  He was educated at the Beloit College and the University of Michigan, returning to Beloit as professor of geology, zoology, and botany in 1873.  He was the natural man to head the geological survey, which he led along with the assistance of R.D. Irving and Moses Strong.  They produced particularly detailed maps of the lead and iron regions, as well as general surveys of the rest of the state.

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