Map of Saint Louis 1881


Frank A. Gray.  “Gray’s New Map of Saint Louis.”  Philadelphia: O.W. Gray & Son, 1881.  15 1/2 x 13.  Lithograph.  Original color.  Very good condition.

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A nicely detailed map of Saint Louis at a time it was a booming metropolis on the Mississippi River.  The map was issued by the Philadelphia firm of O.W. Gray and Son, which began its publishing around mid-century and published regional and U.S. atlases up to the 1880s.  This map shows streets, parks and wards in the city, each clearly labeled.  Also of considerable interest are the indications of the several railroads coming into the city and providing Saint Louis with a major part of its life blood of commerce.  Information is also given of East St. Louis and other communities just across the bridge to the east.