Mathew Carey New York 1814


Samuel Lewis.  “The State of New York.”  From Carey’s General Atlas.  Philadelphia: Mathew Carey, 1814.  Engraved by J.G. Warnicke.  16 x 19 1/2.  Original outline color.  Some waterstains at bottom.  Else, very good condition.

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An important, original antique map of New York State.  The two most influential names in American cartography at the end of the eighteenth century were Mathew Carey and Samuel Lewis, the makers of this fine map of New York.  Published just after the War of 1812, this map is from Carey’s Atlas which represented the best American cartographic work of the period.  Carey, an Irish immigrant, established the first American specialized cartographic publishing firm.  He set up an elaborate cottage system of craftsmen for engraving, printing, and coloring his maps utilizing the best independent artists directed to a common end.  Carey is important, then, not only for the excellent maps he produced, but for his setting the pattern for American map publishing, to be followed by the likes of John Melish and Henry S. Tanner.  Samuel Lewis was a mathematician and one of the best American cartographers of his day.  Through Carey’s intercession his maps had a great impact on American and worldwide cartography.  This map of New York is a very good example of his work.  It shows precise detail throughout the state, including roads, rivers, lakes, and counties, each of which is outlined with hand coloring.  An excellent early American cartographic document.