Obelisk at Matarea; Mayer 1802-1805


Luigi Mayer. “An Ancient Obelisk at Matarea, Formally Heliopolis.” From Views in Egypt, Palestine, and Other Parts of the Ottoman Empire. London: R. Bowyer, 1802-1805. Ca. 9 x 12 1/2. Aquatint by T. Milton. Original hand coloring. Very good condition.

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A print from a group of finely crafted and informative images of the Middle East issued in Luigi Mayer’s Views in Egypt, Palestine, and Other Parts of the Ottoman Empire. The original drawings were done by Mayer for Sir Robert Ainslie, during his embassy to Constantinople, then the capital of the Ottoman Empire. Mayer traveled widely in the region, recording scenes in Palestine, Egypt, and present-day Turkey. He paid great attention to architecture, costume, and landscape. These details are lovingly captured by the engraver and colorist bringing out much of the feel of the earth tones and atmosphere of region. The richness of the culture, both ancient and contemporary, is vividly and accurately illustrated, providing us with a privileged glimpse of the Middle East before the tremendous changes is was soon to undergo.