Men Wanted for the Army


I.B. Hazelton “Men Wanted for the Army.” 1914. 40 1/2 x 29 1/2. Chromolithograph.  Some minor wear at bottom; overall, very good condition.


A classic U.S. Government Printing Office poster for World War I.  The relatively new process of chromolithography allowed governments to produce bright and appealing posters to boost morale, encourage enlistment, sell war bonds and generally increase public support for the war effort.  In the United States, the posters were produced by the Division of Pictorial Publicity, which was run by artist Charles Dana Gibson.  Over 1,400 posters were issued and posted around the country.  Though many were produced (as many as 100,000 in some cases), their ephemeral nature makes them scarce today.  This is a particularly dramatic World War I image showing men charging into battle, one of the first posters to show the 1903 Springfield rifle.