Mitchell 1882 map of Africa


“Africa.”  Philadelphia: S. Augustus Mitchell, Jr., 1882.  14 3/4 x 19.  Lithograph.  Original hand color.  Very good condition.

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A clear and very detailed, large scale map of Africa issued in 1882 by S. Augustus Mitchell.  Mitchell is noted for his fine, decorative atlas maps, but this one goes a bit beyond his usual work on foreign countries.  It was issued at the beginning of the period of “New Imperialism,” when European powers were scrambling to grab territory around the world, especially in Africa.  The 1870s saw a growing knowledge of the continent, through such explorations as those of Stanley, and Europeans wanted to control this.  New information was coming in and Mitchell felt that his usual single page maps would be incapable of showing all he wanted of Africa.  Thus he produced this excellent doble page map, with information of various tribal lands, lakes and rivers, and topography.  An inset in the top right shows Lower Egypt.