Mitchell Indian Territory 1885


“Indian Territory.”  Philadelphia: S. Augustus Mitchell, Jr., 1885.  11 1/4 x 14 1/8.  Lithograph.  Original hand color.  Very good condition.

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Originally, most of the trans-Mississippi West, east of the continental divide, was set aside as Indian Territory, but it was slowly shrunk down until by 1850 it was limited to essentially the size of today’s Oklahoma (the panhandle was not then officially part of the territory).  In 1880, S. Augustus Mitchell, Jr., of Philadelphia, issued an atlas map of just this reduced Indian Territory, including it in his atlases for the next several years, some of the only maps showing Indian Territory before the creation of the Oklahoma Territory, which was carved out of it in 1890.  The detail is most impressive, with the myriad rivers shown throughout.  Each tribe’s territory is indicated with a contrasting color.  Roads are detailed, as are the Missouri, Kansas & Texas Railroad and the Atlantic & Pacific Railroad.  A final feature of interest is the information included on various treaties and resettlements.  A cornerstone map of the Indian Territory/Oklahoma.