Mitchell Pennsylvania 1847


“A New Map of Pennsylvania with its Canals, Rail-Roads &c.” From A New Universal Atlas. Philadelphia: S. Augustus Mitchell, 1847. Lithograph. 11 1/2 x 14 1/4. Original hand color. Very good condition.

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One of the most important nineteenth century atlases from just prior to mid-century was H.S. Tanner’s Universal Atlas.   The rights to this atlas were purchasing by up & coming cartographic publisher, S. Augustus Mitchell in 1845.  Mitchell reissued the atlas in 1846, and then the following year had the maps transferred to lithographic stones by P.S. Duval, issuing a lithographic version of the New Universal Atlas beginning in 1847.  This was the first major American lithographic atlas, which was both a trendsetting volume and one which contained what were still some of the best American maps of the time.  This is a very good example from that atlas, Mitchell’s map of Pennsylvania.  It focuses very much on the transportation network in the state and includes profiles of the Pennsylvania Canal and the Columbia Railroad at the top.