Morland Fruits of Early Industry & Economy


George Morland. “The Fruits of Early Industry & Oeconomy.” London: T. Simpson. November 1, 1789. 20 1/4 x 15 3/4. Mezzotint by W. Ward.  Very good condition.

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A moralistic image showing the results of “Early Industry & [O]economy.”  Shows the interior of a wealthy family’s home, the wealthy owner receiving money from his clerk, obviously gained from his business related to the goods shown on the wharf out the window.  His family relaxes in the room, a young girl being offered fruit from a servant boy, while another child is on the floor playing with the dog.  A painting of a country home is shown on the wall, and the entire tableau speaks of the manifold fruits one can expect by living one’s life the right way.  A poem at the bottom reads “Lo here, what ease, what elegance you see, The just reward of youthfull Industry…”