Morse Kentucky & Tennessee 1796


Cyrus Harris.  “A Map of the State of Kentucky and the Tennessee Government Compiled from the best authorities.”  From Jedidiah Morse’s The American Universal Geography.  Boston: Thomas & Andrews, June 1796.   7 5/8 x 11 1/2.  Engraving by Amos Doolittle.  Left margin torn, just into border at bottom left; expertly replaced in facsimile.  Light creases at old folds and a couple light spots.  Wheat & Brun: 645.


An attractive and fascinating map of Kentucky and Tennessee, one of the earliest American made maps of these states.  The border is indicated between the two states, running at the 37th parallel.  Indian boundaries are also shown, as is the southern boundary of the military reservation set aside for veterans of the North Carolina troops.  Rivers are especially prominent, and settlements and roads are also shown throughout the region, including the “New & Short Road to Virginia.”  Many forts are indicated, including Fort Washington (Cincinnati), Fort Massac in Illinois, and just to the north of the neat line, Fort Jefferson.  An excellent eighteenth century American document.