Morse’s Maryland & Delaware 1796


J. Denison.  “Map of the States of Maryland and Delaware.”  From Jedidiah Morse’s The American Universal Geography.   Boston: Thomas & Andrews, 1796.  7 3/8 x 9 1/2.  Engraving by A. Doolittle.  Very good condition.  Wheat & Brun: 514.


An excellent late eighteenth century map of the states of Maryland and Delaware.  This map was from Jedidiah Morse’s Geography, one of the first American publications of its kind.  Morse, the father of Samuel F.B. Morse, established himself in the 1780s as one of the leading producers of American maps.  Amos Doolittle, the engraver, is one of the great names in patriotic publishing, especially during the Revolution.  The map is of interest because of its early detail, including towns, counties, lakes, streams and other topographical information.  Of note is the early indication of “Washington City” prior to its physical establishment.  An excellent early American map