Munster Heidelberg 1548


Sebastian Munster  [Heidelberg]  “Florentissimae ciutatis Heidelbergensis situs & genuina pictura, tam arcem quam reliqua illius loci insignoira aedificia pulchre intuenti ob oculos statuens” From Cosmographia.  Basel: Henric Petri, 1548. Woodcut. 10 1/2 x 28 1/4. Very good condition.


An original antique view from the mid-sixteenth century by Sebastian Munster (1489-1552), one of the first great modern cartographers.  He studiously compiled the best information available in the sixteenth century, corresponding with scholars all around Europe and visiting book fairs and libraries whenever possible. Munster issued many influential maps and views in his editions of Ptolemy’s Geographia and his own Cosmographia which were published beginning in 1540.  This view is from the latter work and it shows this city based on a contemporary drawing.