Joseph Nash, “Terrace, Bramshill, Hants.”


Joseph Nash.  “Terrace Bramshill, Hants.”  Print from Mansions of England in the Olden Time.  London: C. Hullmandel, 1839-41.  11 x 15.  Deluxe tinted lithograph with original hand coloring.  Print margins trimmed to image and mounted to backing board as issued. Very good condition.

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An original antique print from the deluxe edition of Joseph Nash’s Mansions of England in the Olden Time. Nash (1809-1878) subtitled this formidable work on Tudor (16th-century) domestic architecture as “depicting the most characteristic features of the domestic architecture of the Tudor Age, and also illustrating the costumes, habits, and recreations of our ancestors.”  Nash was a draughtsman and lithographer of architectural views, trained by A. C. Pugin.  He preferred a freer, more atmospheric style to that of his mentor. Here Nash was a perfect partner for C. J. Hullmandel, the famous British lithographer who experimented successfully with new processes, most notably the “lithotint” process, which he named and patented in 1840.  This technique, allowing for greater nuance and value gradation than pure lithography, was an ideal means of expression for Nash’s historically rich and picturesque depictions of Tudor mansions.  This particular print is interesting in showing a game of bowls.