Nicholas Sanson Southern Spain 1652


Nicholas Sanson. “Les Estats De La Couronne De Castille,..Castille Nouvell, Andalousie, Grenade, et Murcie.” [Southern Spain]  Paris: N. Sanson, 1653-54. 16 1/2 x 21. Engraving. Original outline color. Very good condition.


A lovely selection of maps by ‘the father of French cartography,’ Nicolas Sanson. Modern cartography is usually thought of beginning with a period dominated by the Dutch school, and this was followed by a period of dominance by the French school of cartography, the beginning date of which is usually given as 1650, when Nicolas Sanson began publishing his important maps. The importance of Sanson is reflected by the fact that it is with his maps that the center of cartographic publishing and influence shifted from the Low Countries to France. Whereas the Dutch cartographers are known for their fabulous decorations and coloring, the French cartographers, led by Sanson, are known for their pioneering the scientific method of cartography. This map is excellent evidence of this shift in emphasis, with the topographical information presented representing only that data that could reliably be counted as having a scientific accuracy, and with this information depicted with a clear and precise simplicity.