Northern Plains 1873


H.D. Rogers and A. Keith Johnston.  “Map of Nebraska, Dakota, Montana, and Wyoming.”  From The People’s Pictorial Atlas.  New York: J. David Williams, 187312 1/8 x 17.  Lithograph.  Original hand color.  Printed by Ferd. Mayer et fils, New York and Paris.  Very good condition.


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An unusual and scarce map of the northern plains.  The map has an interesting history, being printed from lithographic plates first used in Keith Johnston’s and H.D. Roger’s Atlas of the United States from 1857.  The plates from that atlas were updated and used for a wall map in 1869, and it is from those updated wall map plates that this map was printed, though with political updates.  The wall map does not show the Wyoming Territory (though it was created in 1868), which is shown here.  Also, this map adds new counties, only some of the Nebraska ones shown on the wall map.  The basic topography and information on forts, rivers, and Indian tribes is derived directly from the wall map and it provides excellent information of this region.  This map does show the development of Nebraska and the territories, with a Dakota’s essentially lining the eastern part, and Montana and Wyoming with mostly very large and few counties.   The railroads in the southern part of the area shown are depicted, including the line from Cheyenne south (to Denver), though interestingly, Cheyenne itself is not shown, though it was founded in 1867.