Oklahoma Country 1890


“Map of the Oklahoma Country in the Indian Territory.”  From The People’s Illustrated & Descriptive Family Atlas of the World.  Chicago: People’s Publishing Co., 1890.  11 5/8 x 9 1/2.  Cerograph with color highlights.  Very good condition.

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One of the first maps issued showing the beginning of the Oklahoma Territory.  In the 1880s, part of the Indian Territories was set aside for settlement by Indian tribes who did not have other lands assigned to them, as well as to freemen.  This area was called the “Unassigned Lands” or “Oklahoma Country.”  By the end of the decade, pressure built to open these lands to white settlement, which was finally enacted in 1889, leading to the great Oklahoma land rush in April.  This map was issued at a time when whites were eying the Oklahoma Country as a place they could grab new lands.  The lead to the creation of a new “Oklahoma Territory” the year this map was issued.