Paris Fashion: Bon Ton; Le Temps


“Le Temps. ” From La Gazette du Bon Ton.  Paris: Lucien Vogel, March 1920.  Quarto.  Litho­graph.  Original coloring au pochoir or chromolithography.  Very good condition.

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An original, antique fashion/advertising plate from La Gazette du Bon Ton.  This Parisian magazine contained a series of enticing portrayals of early twentieth century high fashion designs by renowned French designers.  The magnificently dressed male and female models are posed in often alluring and enigmatic situa­tions–sipping cocktails, flirting with a caller or promenading through Paris streets and parks.  The colors are brilliant–either simulating or actual pochoir technique; the designs and settings stylish and sophisticated.  These are both visually striking images and fine mementos of the elegant and extravagant Parisian world of the era.  These prints were on the cutting edge of the art deco tradition in which flowing and form fitting outfits replaced full skirts and bustles.