Paris Fashion; Philipe & Gaston


“Philipe & Gaston: Eliane, Parme” Nos. 213-214. Print from Les Creations Parisiennes.  La Mode est un Art.  Paris: 1929-1930.  Approx.  10 x 6.  Engraving.  Very good condition.

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An original, antique print from  Les Creations Parisiennes.  La Mode est un Art.

French fashion magazines have been popular since the eighteenth century when the latest styles from Paris were reported on throughout Europe.  These elegant illustrations from Les Creations Parisienne, carried on the tradition for the women of the art deco era.  Each print features one or two beautiful women in complimentary dresses suitable for the season with the names of the couturiers listed below.  Among the notable designers are Patou, Poiret, Armand, Bernard, Dupouy-Magnin, and Paquin.

These particular prints are great examples of the transition that fashion went through from the twenties to the thirties.  The androgynous styles of the twenties were being replaced by the curvier and more ladylike silhouettes of the thirties.  The prints are a wonderful reminder of this beautiful and glamorous time in Parisian fashion.