Philco’s participation in War Load drive.


“Philco’s Participation in the 7th War Loan Drive will be during the first two weeks in May. Your purchase of bonds through payroll deduction from April 9th through July 7th will be applied toward our quota of…… $500,000..” 1941-1945. 22 x 17 on poster board as issued. Silk screen. Very good condition.

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Philco Philadelphia Storage Battery Company was a pioneer in early battery, radio and television production. The company began in 1906 making batteries for electric vehicles and ventured into the radio business for home and automobiles. After the war Ford bought the company to make car radios and many other products. During World War II Philco manufactured radios and munitions for the military and helped develop radar and the proximity fuse for artillery shells. These posters were probably posted in the factories to foster morale and to remind and to stress to employees the importance of maintaining the quality of their products. Throughout the history of printing, broadsides and posters supporting a country’s military aims have been made and displayed whenever war broke out. World War II was no exception, and the many bright images printed in the United States in the 1940s illustrate the importance of these psychological icons. This posters, issued by Philco, is an excellent example of the genre. This poster includes the classic image of the raising the flag on Iwo Jima.