Piranesi Le Antichita Romane print


Giovanni Battista Piranesi.  “Imp de F’ianchi dell’ Urna…”  From Le Antichita Romane.  Vol. II, plate 35. Rome: G.B. Piranesi, 1756.  13 3/4 x 20. Engraving.  Excellent condition with wide margins.  Hind watermark #3.

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Giovanni Battista Piranesi (1720-78) is renowned for his splendid views of ancient and modern Rome.  In a life time dedicated to recording these magnificent buildings and mysterious ruins, he created a prodigious oeuvre of dramatic and moving images.  One of the more important series of views produced by Giovanni Battista Piranesi is Antichita Romane.  These archaeological representations of Roman buildings and ruins were collected and published in the 1750’s.  The original four-volume set contained over 200 etchings demonstrating Piranesi’s research into the engineering skills of the ancient Romans.  Piranesi’s ‘views’ were especially prized by British aristocrats traveling on the Grand Tour, who took them home where they greatly influenced British neo-classical architecture.  As examples of Piranesi’s artistic prowess they are powerful renderings of great architectural monuments.  Piranesi’s views are unmistakable and unrivaled architectural prints.