Port view of French naval ship


Antoine Léon Morel-Fatio. “Vaisseau de 1er. Rang a la Voile au Plus Près, les Amures a Babord.” [Detail image of a ship of the first rank on a port tack.] Paris: Maison Basset, mid-nineteenth century. 16 x 24. Two tone lithograph. Some minor wear in top margin at left and title area bottom left. Otherwise, very good condition.

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A very accurate print showing a ship of the first rating with its sails set on a port tack, drawn by Antoine Léon Morel-Fatio, one of the first official marine artists for the French Navy. Morel-Fatio was hired for his knowledge of naval subjects and his artistic skills, both of which are in good evidence here. The print was intended as a study print, with “Vaisseau Ecole” printed in the upper image. The rigging and sails of the ship are clearly presented, with each line and sail identified with keys printed below the title. An excellent picture of a French naval ship from the middle of the nineteenth century.