Portrait of Ben Franklin & George Washington.


“Ritratto di Franklin/Ritratto di Washington.”  From Giulio Ferrario’s Il Costume Antico e Moderno.   Florence: Vincenzo Batelli, 1827.  Ca. 4 x 6 1/2.  Aquatint.  Original hand color.  Light waterstain in lower right corner.


Giulio Ferrario was founder of the Società tipografica de’ classici italiani and served as the director of the Braidense National Library in Milan.  Beginning in 1821, he issued a multi-volume work on the “Ancient and Modern Costumes: The history of the government, the militia, the religion, the arts and sciences, and the customs of all people ancient and modern.”  In 1827, Ferrario issued a second, octavo edition of his work, the second volume of which included prints of American scenes and images of modern and ancient Americans.  These are quite rare and attractive American images.