Prang Kenesaw Mountains


Thure de Thulstrup. “Kenesaw Mountain. The Charge of Logan’s Corps.” Boston: Louis Prang, 1886-87. Chromolithograph signed by T.E. Rose, Dec. 1886. 15 x 21 7/8. With alignment marks and color squares. Top left corner of outer margin chipped. Else, very good condition.

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A dramatic image from a rare and important Civil War series issued by Louis Prang between 1886 and 1888. In the early 1880s, Century Magazine had issued a very popular work entitled Battles and Leaders of the Civil War, and the Kurz & Allison firm had issued a large chromolithograph of Gettysburg. In response to these, Louis Prang decided to issue a portfolio of 18 elaborate chromolithographs of important battles of the war. Prang termed his prints “aquarelle facsimile prints” to distinguish them from “mere” chromos. Prang claimed they were made by a “new and secret process”, but primarily they were chromos done without any line work. They were based on watercolors commissioned by Prang and they were intended to be naturalistic and accurate, for Prang was aiming these prints for veterans and their descendants. Prang got testimonials on their accuracy from prominent veterans and he included detailed text on the battles involved. The prints were quite popular, helping to create a great surge in patriotic nostalgia about the war.